Lord and Lady Dreiburgen

On February 27th, after many months of searching, Baron Logan Black Rune and Baroness Tyne MacPhersone announced the arrival of their Heirs: Lord Ramvoldus Kröll and Lady Kungund Benehonig would be the next Baron and Baroness of Dreiburgen. A month later, at the Royal Court of Their Royal Majesties Pansa and Katherine, they were invested as Reeves of Dreiburgen so that they have would have sufficient time to learn how to fill the important roles of Baron and Baroness.

Ramvoldus and Kungund briefly joined the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in 2008. They lived and played in Dreiburgen, and immediately became involved in every available activity. They attended Council meetings and hosted Culinary Guild meetings. They discovered Dreiburgen Armory, made contact with many long-standing members of the barony and learned crafts from these experienced and friendly folk. At Highland War, Ramvoldus (known then only by his legal name) entered and tied for first place in a cooking competition. The distractions of youth and the obligations of the mundane world took them away from the SCA. In their time away, they bought a home, established careers, married and had children. All the while, they pursued the same arts and interests that first drew them to the SCA.

Ramvoldus and Kungund enjoy a long list of hobbies between them including sewing, costumery, brewing, cooking, singing, story-telling, carpentry, leathercraft, rockhounding, calligraphy, illumination, and making jewelry, just to name a few. At heart, they are reenactors. Ramvoldus and Kungund are keenly interested the hands-on approach to historical study, spending 20 years attending civil war reenactments, cowboy action events, and renaissance festivals. Although after the end of each experience, they were left with a profound sense of longing. In 2018, they returned to the SCA with a deep desire for real connections through historical re-enactment, true friendships, and a sense of community that only the Society could provide.

The Baroness of Dreiburgen, Tyne MacPhersone, played a critical part in the growth and involvement of these two new populace members. Through her own unique care, Ramvoldus and Kungund always had a place under the dragonwing. With unwavering support an encouragement, the two were allowed to reach their own goals and potential as Baronial Officers, Populace Members, and Caidans. Their Excellencies’ effective methods of encouragement and inclusion were so inspiring that Ramvoldus and Kungund could aspire to do and be anything, even Baron and Baroness. The pair became heavily involved in the barony right away, and have continued with joyful enthusiasm and determination. They each received the Award of Arms within their first year, and their son received the Acorn in September 2019.

Ramvoldus currently serves as the Dreiburgen Captain of Archers and Baronial Chronicler. Kungund serves as Baronial Youth Officer and actively promotes the Bardic Arts. Both are members of the Court and Guard for Their Excellencies Logan and Tyne and regularly teach classes for Dreiburgen Traveling Arts & Science Night. Ramvoldus and Kungund are members of the well established Dreiburgen Branch of the Right Noble Brewers Guild of Caid, where Kungund serves as the Branchmaster. In June of 2020 at the Royal Court of Alexander II and Tahira II, they each received the Harp Argent for brewing. If something is happening in Dreiburgen, they want to participate! If someone has an idea, they are avid supporters! In Dreiburgen and the lands beyond, they have discovered what “chosen family” means. Their personal lives are greatly enriched by serving and playing in this exciting, engaging community. Above all else, they want new and existing members to experience the same sense of belonging, and be inspired to play. They are dedicated to helping the people of Dreiburgen bring their Dream into reality.

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