Dreiburgen Armourers Guild*
Dreiburgen Armourers Guild was founded in 1979 by the Members of House Drachenstern. Primairly Lord Elgil Mardil of Dor-Mallos, Baron Eadwynne of Runedun and Lord Roger de Boeuf
The Guild is sometimes referred to as the Dreiburgen Corps of Engineers


Culinary Guild
This meeting discusses how to make period food and has classes on “How to make…” different kinds of foods, from cheese to bread, to meats to pickles, and so much more. The guild also plans and cooks meals for some events.


Dreiburgen Light Horse Guard*
The “Light” is a somewhat “laid back” military style Horse Guard type of organization.
Serving as the Dreiburgen Baronial Horse Guard. Founded in A.S. XXII (1987) by House Montrose


Dreiburgen Archers*
The Dreiburgen Company of Archer’s charges members with three responsibilities.
1 That as a member you are always striving to improve your skills.
2 That you support your fellow baronial archers with respect and camaraderie
3 That you represent your barony with honor and dignity.