Dreiburgen Yule 2020

On December 19th, 2020, The Barony hosted their seasonal Yule celebration. Even though we could not be together in person this year, the populace joined together in spirit to fight off the melancholy that the present times have brought upon us. Upholding the Baronial traditions with games, feasting, song and dance – The event did not disappoint.
The games Championship welcomed some fierce competitors from all corners of the Kingdom. The games of Chess and Dudo (Liar’s Dice) were carefully chosen by Their Excellencies Logan and Tyne to test the competitors’ strategic abilities, stealth and cunning. Lord Geral de Riera bested all others at Dudo, while Baron Niko Phaistos proved himself to be the best at Chess. The two finalists then went head to head in an epic battle of roe-sham-bo, where Baron Niko claimed the title of Dreiburgen Games Champion.
Bards from all walks turned out for the Annual Dreiburgen Bardic Championship as the populace was well entertained by six excellent performances. Kenari Aldgytha of Ashwood captured our attention, and the championship, with her rendition of a classic Caidan song, Lands of Fair Caid.
A special guest from the West, Lady Rudaba al-Nahdiya, guided guests through a rigorous collection of historic dances. Later that evening, students joined her for a live performance during bardic circle; a true testament to her skill as an instructor!
Guests were delighted by edible entries in the solteties contest. Culinary artists were challenged to create a Dreiburgen Tower out of anything and everything edible. Lady Kungund Benehonig was chosen as the winner with a wheat cracker crust tower overlooking a long and winding hummus-highway.
A major component of Yule is the feast of course! This year the Culinary Guild came together to create a menu of delicious comfort foods to be prepared at home and enjoyed at leisure.
The virtual ambience was glittering and festive, as each guest vied to be winner of the “table decorating/Zoom background” contest. The winner of this beloved contest was Lady Yngvildr in írska.
Finally, the festivities were topped off with a special bardic circle afterparty that continued to spread the joy and merriment long into the evening.

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