Simple Leather Pouch

Leatherwork is an important skill to master in the SCA. There is always a need for items made from leather. In the Middle Ages Leatherworkers were very important people. Everyone needed a sturdy pair of shoes, a saddle for their horse, or a purse to carry their money.

Project Time: 45 Minutes

This is a simple project that only requires a pair of scissors and a hole punch and can be made from any type of leather you like. Garment leather is the best choice, but you can also use a 2-3 ounce Vegetable tanned. You can pick up a small piece locally from Michaels or Hobby Lobby. If there is a Tandy Leather near you, ask about scrap cuts for small projects. Most Tandy Leather stores will have a bin of scrap and cut-offs you can rummage through.

Using a dinner plate as your template, mark out a circle on your leather. Then cut the circle out with a regular pair of scissors. Punch an EVEN number of holes evenly spaced around the circle about 1-2 inches apart. Once you have your holes punched, thread a string or leather lace through the holes.

This activity satisfies one of the requirements for the Division 1 YAFA achievement token and makes for an excellent largesse project.

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