SCA Families – Have you heard about YAFA?



With the challenges we are currently faced with and the extended “Summer Vacation”, SCA parents may be finding it a bit more difficult to keep the kids entertained. With many parents turning to supplemental education and homeschooling next year, Now is the perfect time to take a look at the Youth and Family Achievement Program (YAFA).

This is a fantastic program that many SCA parents may not know about yet. Children as young as 5 can participate from home with their parents as the mentor and learn many different reenactment skills from cooking to combat. There is even a track for siege weaponry (What kid doesn’t want to build a catapult?). It’s an excellent way to get your little ones involved in our game, build their confidence, and introduce them early to an art or science that they may want to pursue for the rest of their lives.

The YAFA program encourages children to learn and participate through a well structured series of tracks that foster learning through a positive hands-on approach. This would be a great addition to online or homeschooling curriculums. There are no fees, no commitments, and the child will receive a beautiful metal token to proudly show off their achievement. Parents have the option to arrange when, where, and how the Achievement token is presented. Participants are free to work at their own pace. Older kids that need a mentor for the more advanced divisions can easily find several located right here in Dreiburgen. Many of those mentors are already teaching through Zoom—so there should be no problems arranging “Distance Mentoring”  If you have not taken a look yet, please check out


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